Circumstance by Sink Ya Teeth

1965 are pleased to have the wonderful Sink Ya Teeth join their family…here’s a taster of whats to come…

Karen Elson on the cover of Clash Magazine

Karen Elson @ The Moth Club

Karen Elson plays the Moth Club in April and tickets are selling fast…grab one while you can..

Man & The Echo – The Last Introvert

the band released this video about a month ago – it’s their take on a classic Abba video…enjoy and tell your friends…

Uncut album review for Karen Elson

here’s another great review for Karen Elson – this time it’s Uncut Magazine who are showing her album love…remember the album hits the shops on April 7th…

call your name

in case you missed this last week here’s the first video taken from the new Karen Elson album…the album is Double Roses and this track is the beautiful Call Your Name…album is out on April 7th and can be pre ordered from all your favourite record stores including Drift Records

1965 feet high and rising…

it’s been a while but we are back with exciting news…new albums this year from Karen Elson, Nadine Shah, Wesley Fuller and Raf Rundell….and let’s not forget a great 7″ coming from Sink Ya Teeth…

we’ll be getting on top of this website in the next few days but in the meantime here’s a great 4 star review from Mojo Magazine for the Karen Elson album

PREMIERE: Man & The Echo – Operation Margarine

So Young Magazine have premiered Man & The Echo’s latest single, ‘Operation Margarine’.


Here’s a little quote from Gaz about writing the single…

Arranging and recording this song was the moment that the album sessions really took off. At one point we nearly dropped it as we just couldn’t work out how to play it, but Fush and Joey worked really hard to get the rhythm section right and give the whole thing this massive disco feel.


Ahead of the release of his latest single, ‘Right Time’, Selfie Boy sat down with FMS magazine to discuss his some great music.

Have a read, have a listen!

The Adventures of Selfie Boy, part 1 is released on December 9th!

Man and The Echo were featured on the Warrington Guardian’s front cover the other week… read what they had to say below.

Catch them on tour with Meilyr Jones!


Black Peaches UK Tour

Black Peaches are headed out on a UK tour this December with our very own Raf Rundell… treat yourself to an early Christmas present! Tickets here!



Man & The Echo have released a video for their latest single ‘Distance Runner’

Man & The Echo have released a video for their latest single ‘Distance Runner’

The track and video premiered on Clash!


Raf Rundell aka Selfie Boy is releasing his debut album on December 9th!

These are the Adventures of Selfie Boy. This is the Right Time.


Pre-order here


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 08.16.36

Wesley Fuller in Shindig Magazine

Wesley Fuller sat down with Shindig Magazine to go through some of the records that have inspired him… Read through the article below! Some great tunes on the list… we’re definitely feeling inspired!


WF_1 WF_2

Man & The Echo – ‘Distance Runner’

Man & The Echo have a new single out and it is everything you want and more! The band have put a poetic spin on their usual smart, opinionated and observational songwriting… and it is absolutely amazing.

John Kennedy gave ‘Distance Runner’ its first spin yesterday… I hope you were tuned in to hear it!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 13.21.08

Black Peaches – ‘Below The Waves’

Black Peaches performed their song ‘Below The Waves’ for The Blues Kitchen, sounding great as always!

Wesley Fuller acoustic Tram sessions

Wesley Fuller played an acoustic version of his latest single ‘Runaway Renee’ on a tram… check it out!

Coves played a great show, these websites know it…

Coves played with PIXIES earlier this week… in case you missed it you can read about it here… Just a warning: you missed something great!

Dots & Dashes


Fortitude Magazine

The Upcoming

Lusts on Instagram

Have you followed Lusts on Instagram yet? It looks absolutely wicked!


Black Peaches

Black Peaches are heading on a UK tour in December… how’s that for an early Christmas present to yourself?

Get down with them, you dirty rascals!

Tickets –

Coves support Pixies

Pixies are playing in London on Monday, July 11… and our very own Coves will be supporting them.

Hope you’ve got tickets because the show has been sold out for months, but it’s bound to be a good one!

Black Peaches podcast

Rob from Black Peaches has started a podcast, it will be updated bi-weekly. Have a listen, it’s amazing!

Black Peaches at Port Elliot Festival

Black Peaches have recently announced that they will be playing the “Caught By The River” stage. So get down to Port Elliot in July and dance with Black Peaches!

Man & The Echo at Radio X

Man & The Echo did a live session at Radio X last night with John Kennedy. Haven’t had a chance to check it out? Listen to it here!

If you just want to skip ahead, here’s the times:

29:50 – Vile As You Want/Gaz interview/Distance Runner
1:50 – All Right
2:28:50 – The Last Introvert

Unlock your mind at The Great Escape Festival!

RSVP: here

Lusts, Red Bull Music session

Lusts did an exclusive session for Red Bull Music! You can now watch it here!

1965 Family by Wesley Fuller

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week’s playlist has been provided by Wesley Fuller.

It’s a great playlist, be sure to give it a listen because we’re changing it again next week!

WIN WIN WIN! Coves vinyl giveaway!

Do you want this vinyl? Here’s your chance to win.

Get your ticket to Coves’ album release show at The Victoria before Wednesday April 6th at 4pm and get entered into the draw immediately.

We’ll be giving away five copies of the vinyl. Get your ticket here if you haven’t got it already:

Coves at Record Store Day

Coves are playing at Record Store Day in Paris this year! The line-up is looking great, so get down to Paris!

‘I wish it could be 1965 again…’ Q Magazine

James Endeacott wrote a piece for Q Magazine on relaunching 1965 Records, signing bands and the 1965 family…

“Running a record label is quite a mad thing to do. The competition is fierce and, despite what people tell you, records don’t really sell anymore. It usually costs a load of money and the chances of getting it back are pretty slim but if you’re clever about it you can break even and you can have the time of your life.

I started 1965 Records almost ten years ago and was bankrolled by a major record label… despite having a Number One album withThe View within 12 months the label folded after three years as I’d spent a stupid amount of money and, guess what, not sold enough records. I kept the name of the label and went into a corner to listen to jazz records and to contemplate middle age, teenage kids and hangovers that last at least 48 hours. Maybe I should write a book and tell people of my life in rock n roll…

Over the last couple of years I’ve been writing the book and I’ve also come across so many good records and bands that I was starting to get itchy feet… I wanted back in the game. I was jealous of great records coming out and me having nothing to do with them.

here was only one thing to do and that was to get back on the bike and start peddling. I found like minded souls to help me re-realise my dream and here I am. The label is back – I have offices above a pub in the increasingly fashionable New Cross, South East London and two top music heads to keep us afloat.

We’ve signed a couple of bands and have our eyes on a couple more… it’s small steps but it’s exciting. The blood is starting to pump through the veins again – the passion is there and the heart is still beating. There is nothing better than seeing a band grow from a shitty rehearsal room through releasing their first record to getting mentioned in he music press and finally hearing them on the radio…

In order to spread the 1965 word we have also decided to put gigs on… I’ve heard people still go to live music so we should be ok there… the whole thing was a trip last time round but this time I feel the drink is going to be spiked more than normal… Let the rollercoaster begin – come and join me and the 1965 family as we try to make sense of it all…”
James Endeacott @jamesendeacott

Man & The Echo to play Manchester show on 10 December

 NEW SHOW: Man & The Echo will play The Castle Hotel in Manchester on  Wednesday 10 December. For free entry, go and ‘like’ the Music In Beta  Facebook page here.